I am Konrad Podstawski. I live in Tarnow where I try to realize my ideas

I love creating things since I can remember, and I wrote my first program/more like a website at the age of 8. In the same year I started playing the game Minecraft, where I first started creating and administering servers then adding plugins and configuring them up to writing new plugins from scratch.

I became more interested in programming in middle school, when I no longer wanted to make just modifications and plugins for Minecraft, but to create my own game, which ended up learning C++. Of course, when I started learning I didn’t think I would make games from scratch in 2D, but I immediately wanted to do 3D, but I was annoyed that graphics engines require licensing fees, so (not knowing what I was getting into) I started creating my own graphics engine in C++ and OpenGL. I managed to finish the engine to the point where I could play 3D Pong on it, and that was the end of the adventure of this engine ( I didn’t know what github was then, so unfortunately I didn’t keep a copy :( )

Along with exploring the world of programming, I began to be interested in programming languages and so I accidentally came across rust and immediately fell in love with it. To see if I could already write something in it, I wrote a simple engine that allowed me to play pong (only in 2D), but it gave me an interesting insight into the limitations and strengths of this language.

I used to want to make games, but today I see that the best I can do is to create tools and programs that make things easier or more interesting, and to realize my new ideas.

Currently I’m sandblasting smart contracts, and in my spare time I write my own small projects (some of them for the so-called drawer, and some I share on my github).